Falling Under

Image of Falling Under (text only) by G. Hayes
Release Date: 
January 21, 2011
NAL Hardcover
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Teenagers fall in love but very few have to literally fall in order to obtain the heart of that special someone. Anyone would tell you the least likely individual to fall for anyone would be Theia Alderson, a quiet, well-mannered girl who doesn’t speak to boys or many girls for that matter.

A British transplant to Serendipity Falls, California Theia is unlike anyone else in the small town. From the moment she awakes each day her over-protective father dictates every hour of her life from the clothes she wears to the music she plays and the time spent on her violin studies. Even the way she styles her unruly curly hair reflects the strict mandates set forth by her father due to the death of her mother during childbirth.

However while her father may control her every waking moment, she soon realizes that another man is controlling those hours when she is lost in sleep. Dreams of startling clarity and unspeakable horror begin to consume her mind. But nothing compares to the shock Theia receives when the young man in her dreams walks into the halls of her high school in flesh and blood. Haden Black is a new student with no history. No one has ever seen him before except for Theia—and for her he existed only in her dreams.

Is Theia losing her mind? Or is the gorgeous Haden Black really the boy who seems to haunt her dreams often leaving behind real life evidence? If so, who or what is Haden Black, and why does she feel this immense attraction that goes against everything she has experienced and believed in thus far? How can it be possible for them to meet in this other world—and where exactly are they meeting as she sleeps?

In a novel that will keep readers guessing, Gwen Hayes has brought together a new paranormal romance to keep the genre fresh and exciting. The bringing together of an expertly crafted heroine with a devilish rogue of a love interest makes for a story teens and adults alike will crave. Also adding to the allure of Falling Under is a well-crafted class of secondary characters that will keep reader entertained throughout the novel.

Lovers of paranormal young adult fiction will rejoice as they too fall under the spell of Falling Under.