Everything But Clothes: Fashion, Photography, Magazines

Image of Everything But Clothes: Fashion, Photography, Magazines
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August 21, 2015
Lannoo Publishers (Acc)
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“more educational and enlightening than it is entertaining.”

There is no doubt that photographers, photography, magazines, designers, and brands are involved in a very symbiotic relationship. Teunissen and Lamoree assert that the Netherlands was and is an incubator and frontrunner for all of these components. As far as can be ascertained, most of the titles and names remain unfamiliar in an international arena.

The conundrum here is that the subject matter at hand is one of those age old questions which remain a topic of conversation within the world of fashion and media but the scope of this particular telling is rather localized and not exactly what one would call international.

While the book is hugely informative and well documented, the enjoyment level is that of a textbook as the “data” factor consumes the reader with its dates, details, names, and not enough of the visuals that you would expect in a book of this genre.

What can be gleaned from this laser focused viewpoint is that the Netherlands was and is a center for these “art forms” but again in a very limited way. Having been a follower of fashion for over 40 years, there were not many recognizable magazine titles, photographers, or designers. To say that the Netherlands is a solar system where the Netherlands would be the sun is a bit overreaching.

If you are deeply engaged in the history of photography or publications of the Netherlandic variety, then this book will be a good choice for you. It offers a learning experience rather than one of exhilaration and sensory pleasure. Despite the authors’ overreaching and inflated opinion of the Netherlands as a major fashion player, let’s say the book is far more educational and enlightening than it is entertaining.