Eve: A Novel

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September 14, 2015
Howard Books
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Lilly Fields is washed ashore broken and battered. Found in a time and space between worlds by John the Collector, Lilly is taken in, cared for, and mended. As she spends her days and nights healing, Lilly is visited by Eve, Mother of the Living, and is given a mission to act as a Witness to Beginnings as well as learn the truth about herself.

The novel is interesting as it takes turns between what is real and what isn’t until the conclusion is reached. Eve is a reminder of Wizard of Oz with people in Lilly’s real life occurring to har in her psychotic snap—or is the snap real life and everything else unreal? There are questions left unanswered, but they are interesting questions nonetheless.

Eve is a novel based on the Judeo-Christian mythology of the demon Lilith as Adam’s first wife and Eve. This is an interesting novel and will appeal to Christian fiction young adult readers as the story unfolds it encourages young women to believe and trust in God, to love themselves, and to put aside the false images mirrors, media, and low self-esteem create. This is a good message, regardless of the God aspect, for all young people, that what a person sees in the mirror is not what other people see or love, and what one thinks about himself or herself is not necessarily the deepest truth nor should it affect self-worth.

Unfortunately, because this is a book with a Christian message, it is made quite clear that a woman’s path is to have children and if she doesn’t then it is either God’s doing for a good reason or it is a violation put upon her because a woman would never choose not to have children. In this day and age this is becoming less and less of an issue as more women make the choice not to have children for various reasons.

This simple novel is enjoyable though it borders on saccharine at times.