Dreams to Grow on

Image of Dreams to Grow on
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September 1, 2002
Illumination Arts Publishing Company
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 What child does not wonder what he or she will grow up to become? Dreams to Grow On will inspire as a young girl daydreams of what she will one day be. While playing with her doll, she contemplates the love she can bestow as a mom, but being a mom, she realizes her child will need a home, so should she become a builder or an architect? While creating mud pies, she ponders being a baker making fabulous cakes. Enjoying the treasures in the park, she wonders should she pursue a career as a scientist, or a circus performer after happily climbing the monkey bars?  As she zooms through her yard, she plots becoming a pilot, or a doctor after her brother falls and gets hurt. Floating a toy boat in a puddle brings thoughts of exploring, while dressing up envisions dreams of being an actress, showing this young miss has an imagination that is limitless. The delight and awe of this young girl’s day is wonderfully portrayed by the vibrantly colored illustrations complementing the inspiring rhyming prose which gives evidence to youngsters that they can be anything they dream to be. Reviewer Nancy Carty Lepri is the author of the children’s book, Tiny Angel.