Dior and Roses

Image of Dior and Roses
Release Date: 
September 7, 2021
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Dior and Roses is a commemorative catalogue for an exhibition that began in May of this year and will end at the end of October. The exposition/exhibit is being held at Dior’s childhood home in Granville, France. The informed reader and those who have a specific interest in not just the brand but especially in Christian Dior might know quite a bit of what is written here. On the other hand, this is an extremely deep dive into the why and how roses play into the private and business lives of this designer.

Without question the influences of the rose and other flora reveal itself in so many ways whether in thought, design and patterns of fabrics, or embroidery. This really takes you far beyond Dior’s melancholy fondness for his beloved roses.

There is much to digest here, and the author leaves no stone unturned in telling us how much roses became an integral part and ingredient of the brand we know as Christian Dior. Dior and Roses is a book that can be put down and picked up as reading it all at once might prove to be a challenge, no matter how informed and educated a reader may be either in the man, the brand, or the fashion business.

While reading this book, you can indeed smell the roses, a sensory reaction that few books of this genre elicit. For that alone Éric Pujalet-Plaà should be commended.