A Dazzling Display of Dogs

Image of A Dazzling Display of Dogs
Release Date: 
January 24, 2011
Tricycle Press
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A Dazzling Display of Dogs is a book both beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. Its witty, concrete poems showcase the fun and sometimes mischievous personalities of man’s best friend.

Whether you own a German Shepherd or a Pomeranian, you’re sure to enjoy this book! The excitement of the illustrations go hand in hand with the amusing poems that could only be described as cute! Carefree, flowing, and playful, this book is sure to enchant children and even the adults who are reading the story to them! A Dazzling Display of Dogs covers all the bases: from a dog who wears socks to a tennis-ball—obsessed pup. Betsy Franco’s text has rhythm, rhyme, cheer, and is plain old genius.

The illustrations well represent the happy mood of this book, and they seem to swirl and twirl right off the page and straight into the pleasure center of your brain. Color and unique shapes fill the pages, along with the clever placement of background images, such as flowers, birds, and cutesy little clouds.

Whether you’re a middle-grade child looking for an entertaining book to read, or a parent trying to introduce the idea of being responsible for owning a dog, be sure to check out this soon-to-be bestseller.