We Are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman around the World

Image of We Are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman around the World
Release Date: 
January 8, 2017
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“This is a celebration of style in its purest sense.”

For the sartorially inclined reader, Nathaniel Adams has opened a treasure chest of personalities from around the world who might personify or possibly define the term of being a dandy. Without question, the book is photo-centric, yet without its text, the visuals are only a small part of what is conveyed within its covers. The verbiage affords the reader context.

Most readers might have a preconceived idea of how one attains or reaches the mantle of being a dandy and possibly what qualifies a gentleman to have this moniker attached to him. This reader found that what is so incredibly amazing is that each of these men is quite individualistic in how they present themselves to the world, but there are hidden common threads, pun intended, as to what links them all under the heading of dandy.

Whether the subjects are Asian, American, African, European, or Scandinavian, each of them celebrates the art of dressing. Do not mistake this as the art of fashion as in most cases the author and subject both stress that this is about personal style and signature looks. Each of the spotlighted personalities is equal parts provocateur and evocateur, which is why the text is so essential to this book. Each of them eventually gets to the point of saying that their qualifications for being deemed dandy is their self-expression conveyed by how they adorn themselves daily as well as their dedication to the art of dressing.

Unequivocally, the reader will come to understand that this is a book about style and not fashion. If you are in search of a book that speaks to the trends and the ins and outs of fashion, then you most certainly need to walk on by as there are so many others which fit that bill. This is a celebration of style in its purest sense. It is a joy to read and a conversation that will no doubt be continued in years to come.