Child Finder Resurrection

Image of Child Finder™ Resurrection (Child Finder™ Trilogy Book 2)
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May 18, 2010
Total Recall Publications
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Mike Angley is a retired Special Agent, formerly with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  That background allows him to bring the reader another real-life story about an investigator who possesses paranormal abilities.  In addition, Angley’s strong spiritual foundation and love of family is deftly woven throughout the fabric of this tale. 

In Child Finder: Resurrection, a follow up to his debut novel, Child Finder, the author creates another thrilling mystery involving his protagonist, Major Pat O’Donnell.  Pat’s first experience in the dark world of child kidnappings left him shaken, causing him to lose his appetite for such work, particularly since it endangered him and his family.  His once altruistic drive disappeared when several people close to him were murdered because of his involvement in the government’s secret child abduction unit.

Now, more than a year later, Pat thinks he has put that part of his life behind him.  That is, until his mentor contacts him and implores him to come back and help stop a despicable, depraved demon who preys on children.  The FBI spearheads this shadowy, top-secret unit, where there are more gray areas than black and white.  Yet despite all of its resources, they have hit a dead end.  The system has failed in its efforts to track down a psychopath who has an appetite for the most innocent among us.  At their wits end, they come to the realization that only Major O’Donnell’s psychic abilities can put them on the right track to end the horror.

We soon discover that the major has one weapon the members of the Special Access Program do not—the ability to communicate with God.  Not only does he talk to Him, but God answers him as well.  Sounds far-fetched, but Angley makes it work.  You might think this novel belongs in the Christian genre, yet readers who enjoy fast-paced thrillers will find it fits in quite well with other mystery/thrillers.  Therein lies the beauty of Angley’s trilogy, (the third book, Revelation, will be released late this year) he has developed a series that can be enjoyed by aficionados of both Christian and thriller novels.  

The suspense builds as we journey further into the tome, discovering that we, the readers, can see things that not even the protagonist can.  Interesting.  And in another twist, Major O’Donnell’s son, Sean, also has psychic abilities.  We watch as father and son work together to hunt down a twisted, psychotic killer who, surprisingly, also turns out to be a genius.  Of course, the result is that once again, the major’s family is at risk, causing him to modify his tactics.  

What really differentiates this work from others of its ilk is Angley’s extensive forensic background.  He uses it to enhance the credibility of the investigation going forward.  Correct terminology regarding weapons, references to government practices, and handling of top-secret documents, even the interaction between agencies is spot on.  The authenticity immediately brings the reader into the middle of a high level, shadowy government operation that reeks of the real deal.  It is not difficult to imagine that this story may not be fiction after all, that possibly such a unit actually does exist somewhere in our government.

One aspect of the story that did not work so well for me was a love scene between the major and his wife.  I felt that it did not quite fit with the tenor of the story, that perhaps it was somewhat forced. 

Despite that one minor issue, the book is a good read and an excellent follow up to the author’s first novel.  Excitement and suspense abound as Major Pat O’Donnell sinks deep into the quicksand of child abduction and murder.  Angley does not disappoint.