That Certain Summer

Image of That Certain Summer: A Novel
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May 30, 2013
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“Irene Hannon knows the power of words and the miracle of faith.”

Irene Hannon is no stranger to inspiring prose and embraceable characters. She is the bestselling author of more than 40 books and the recipient of numerous awards, including two RITA Awards from the Romance Writers of America.

No wonder then that her latest contemporary romance, That Certain Summer, turns out to be a thoughtful tale that captures the reader from the very first pages.

Two sisters, Karen and Val, provide the framework for this story. A small town during the summer, the comfortable backdrop serves as an excellent setting for the conflicts and secrets that each woman tries to overcome. Insecurities dating back years come to the fore as the two sisters join efforts to support their mother after she suffers a stroke.

Karen and her high-school age daughter remain troubled by a failed marriage that constantly threatens to destroy the equanimity of their tentative relationship. The teen hopes her parents will reunite, while her mother recognizes that can never happen.

Meanwhile, Karen’s sister, Val, harbors a secret from her high school years that she dares not share with anyone. Her experience back then so traumatized her that she left her hometown years ago and moved to Chicago.

As the siblings adjust to their new routine, tending to their mother’s rehabilitation, each finds solace in the challenge of a new love relationship. But can a new love overcome the hurt and allow forgiveness to emerge?

That Certain Summer is a story about hope, redemption and the power of faith. It’s about the courage to face one’s darkest fears and the wonder of the human spirit. Irene Hannon knows the power of words and the miracle of faith. She blends them both in this excellent story that’s sure to please.