Cartier Dazzling: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

Image of Cartier Dazzling: High Jewelry and Precious Objects
Release Date: 
February 1, 2016
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How can this book be adequately reviewed when there are not possibly enough superlatives to describe and discuss Cartier Dazzling: High Jewelry and Precious Objects? Dazzling, as in the title, even seems to be understating the contents of this wondrous and spectacular monograph about one of the greatest heritage brands of our time. This is one of those books that come along once in a very long time.

François Chaille affords the reader not only the staggeringly beautiful visuals but text that will educate and enlighten and is equally as absorbing as the book’s visuals. The photography elicits nothing short of awe as well as giving the reader an opportunity to see the original renderings for many of the pieces.

The core of this amazing book is not only the covetable pieces but how and why they came about as well their roots in the history of this legendary brand. Étourdissant Cartier is the awning under which this collection falls; the collection includes astounding pieces based on the history of the maison as well as new technological developments and advancements that have enabled Cartier to once again thrust itself into the spotlight within the world of haute joallier. You will most definitely walk away with knowledge, awareness, and even vocabulary that is confined to this rarefied world.

At this time in the fashion world there is such a thing as reimagining a heritage brand, but Cartier Dazzling is not so much a reimagining as it is an expansion and explosion of design that the brand has not seen in decades.

It is possible to say that this tome is emblematic of a rebirth of this brand that draws from the past and looks to the future. The Étourdissant collection includes parures, suites, singular pieces, objets, and timepieces in such quantity that few of any of the other brands can boast. Cartier is undoubtedly poised for the new millennium. It is a refreshed and wildly inventive Cartier that no longer needs to rest on is laurels of love bracelets, vintage pieces, nail bracelets, trilogy rings, and watches.

If you or anyone you know has affection for fine jewelry and an appreciation for what it takes to create works of art such as these, then you better rush out and buy this book. Unquestionably this is one of the great books of its genre.