Borbonese: Inspirations

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October 26, 2015
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In the immortal words of Mary Wells and Dolly Parton, “Well, I've got two lovers and I ain't ashamed. Two lovers and I love them both the same.” The lovers here are firstly, the eponymous brand Borbonese, and the second is the rich and fabled history of manufacturing in Italy. Without a doubt Elkann writes a love letter to both and gives equal attention to them without detracting from either as she tells the tales with great élan as well as with educational and informative overtones.

Borbonese, founded in 1910, is one of the oldest heritage and prestige brands from Italy. As most fashionphiles can attest, in today’s world of fashion, it is a rarity that a brand of this caliber and this kind of lineage remains true to its vision as well as the company’s DNA. Borbonese is one of the rare premier brands that is still “made in Italy” as well as being founded in Italy.

While the brand is not exactly as well known or recognized as the house of Hermes, there are striking resemblances between the two and Elkann takes the time to explain and expound upon the company’s history as well as its mindset through the ages. One of the most glaring differences between the brands is the concept that Borbonese does not cater to the same rarefied clientele as Hermes but yet they remain equally committed to first-rate quality in workmanship, material, and design.