The Bad Luck Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (An Argeneau Novel, 36)

Image of Bad Luck Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (An Argeneau Novel, 36)
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September 26, 2023
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“a fun bit of vampire courtship with a dash of a mystery thrown in for intrigue.”

When Sophie Ferguson is invited by Tybo Verde to be his plus-one at his cousin’s wedding, she has no idea what she’s walking into.

Upon being introduced to the groom’s aunt, she’s astonished to hear a confused conversation between Marguerite and her date.

“I believe she will suit someone here perfectly,” Marguerite said.

“But she’s my date.” Tybo’s voice was more complaining then outraged, however.

“She may be your date, Tybo, but I believe Alasdair needs to meet her.”

“But I like her,” Tybo said, unhappily.

Sophie doesn’t know it but she’s just been revealed as the life-mate of Alasdair MacKenzie, another wedding guest.

Alasdair is as unhappy as Tybo when he learns Sophie’s identity. Having been alone for several centuries, he balks at having this stranger thrust upon him, especially since she’s currently someone else’s date.

“He’d have to woo her, charm her, convince her to—Dear God, he thought suddenly. Charm was something he was sadly lacking in, and knew it.”

His four uncles, themselves bachelors, don’t let Alasdair’s dismay stop them from butting into their nephew’s business. Having met Sophie and taking a liking to her, they offer to help him out.

Connor asked abruptly, “If the lad’s found his life mate, why are the two o’ ye looking as glum as guppies?’

“Because he’s concerned about wooing her,” Colle explained.

“Why the devil would he worry about that?” Ludan asked with obvious surprise.

“Because if he messes up, he could lose her forever,” Colle pointed out.

“Oh, Aye,” Odart muttered, scowling.

“Nay, no’ ‘oh, aye,’” Connor said. “You’re no’ alone in this. Ye’ve got family. We’ll help you claim yer lass, lad.”

“Aye, we’ll help ye woo her,” Inan said, looking pleased.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Whether Alasdair wants it or not, he now has all the help he needs. Granted both he and the uncles have been out of the dating game for several centuries, but what does that matter?

So where do the uncles go for assistance in helping Alasdair “claim his lass”? To the internet, of course.

Aimed with all the information or mis-information they need, they inundate their nephew with the Dos and Don’ts of 21st Century Dating.

In spite of that, Alasdair struggles to get along on his own, with Sophie’s very eager cooperation. Their dates are so filled with mutually attracted eroticism as to be mind-numbing and physically exhausting, but things go awry when he’s involved in a series of hit-and-run accidents that would’ve been fatal to anyone other than someone with his paranormal background.

A third incident exposes Sophie to the sight of Alasdair being healed by ingesting fresh blood, and the cat—or the vampire—is out of the bag. After that, she has to be told of the twins’ ancient heritage, and that she’s now the unofficial life mate of a vampire. There’s no two ways about it.

When Sophie admits that everyone she’s ever cared about has died violently, it’s a toss-up as to whether Alasdair and family being nominal vampires and the concept of being Alasdair’s life mate astonishes her more than the suggestion that someone is killing off her prospective suitors.

Uncle Connor sums it up in three sentences: “Well lass, what ye’ve got here is a life mate, if ye want it. But right now, we need to discuss who’s trying to kill the people ye love, so we can stop it from happening again.”

Though Alasdair would appear to be the titular “bad luck vampire,” it’s soon apparent that Sophie is the one whom misfortune is dogging. In spite of that, the fact of the many people dying in her wake is shoved to the background, with the eroticism of their courtship kept foremost. That’s a pity, since investigating the mystery would have given a great lift to the story. One victim in particular—labeled dead but actually in a coma—is singled out to have his mind probed by the vampires to learn the killer’s identity. That idea’s mentioned but not followed-up, an opportunity simply brushed aside. It would’ve been nice to have the vampiric delving into his mind revive him at least. The entire killer-stalker idea is given pretty short shrift—a bit rushed, in fact—with the idea being brought up and soon after, the killer appears and helpfully, and hurriedly, confesses, making for a disappointing dénouement.

For the new and uninitiated reader, there’s a well-done explanation of the Argeneau origin, with a gracious helping of the expected lovemaking filling the pages, making this latest entry in the Argeneau Saga a fun bit of vampire courtship with a dash of a mystery thrown in for intrigue.