Angel Cat Sugar: Sugar Loves Valentine's Day

Image of Angel Cat Sugar: Sugar Loves Valentine's Day
Release Date: 
December 1, 2010
Scholastic Inc.
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Angel Cat Sugar, created by Yuko Shimizu and realized here in a cute Valentine’s Day offering by Ellie O’Ryan is celebrating her favorite holiday.

Sugar spends all day making valentines for her favorite friends, Basil, Parsley, and Thyme—all mice. She puts a lot of thoughts into each one. Basil loves being outside in her garden, so Sugar makes a special valentine from dried flowers so that it looks like Basil’s garden.

Parsley is “always so curious about everything,” so Sugar makes him a lift-the-flap valentine with different factoids under each flap.

And Thyme is such a wonderful friend that he gets a valentine covered with pictures of all his friends.

Excited and anticipating a warm response, Sugar goes to deliver all her valentines, but her friends are nowhere to be found. On the way home, she runs into the three of them, but they do not mention any valentines. Disconsolate, she goes back home thinking that her valentine must be in her mailbox. But it’s not! Do her friends not care about her?

This lightweight yet charming book is one of a series of 8x8 paperbacks starring Sugar and her pals. The art is reminiscent of Hello Kitty, and the sentiments expressed are sweeter than a box full of Valentine chocolates.