And One Last Thing ...

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July 26, 2010
Gallery Books
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There is nothing more frightening than a woman scorned, especially if said woman also has access to the Internet and boasts a very colorful vocabulary to boot.

In Molly Harper’s latest work, And One Last Thing, Lacey Terwilliger is that woman. She is not only scorned but also betrayed and humiliated by the man she trusted most in the entire world. Lacey’s husband Mike has been cheating on her with his slutty, buxom, tanning-bed addicted administrative assistant, Beebee, and apparently everyone in town knew, everyone except his wife. Needless to say, Beebee has been assisting in matters beyond the reception desk.

After witnessing evidence of the affair first-hand, Lacey finds her revenge in sending out the seasonal company newsletter—only instead of accounting updates and quirky facts about the business, she details the sordid affair in graphic detail for all to read.

And One Last Thing is a book about the satisfaction of getting the ultimate revenge by getting the last word. But what if the last word isn’t what’s important.? What if that last word comes back to bite you?

Exploring the idea of whether revenge is sweet or bittersweet when a woman takes back her life after a terrible betrayal, Harper has created a book that is impossible to put down. Filled with laugh-out-loud situations, an unforgettably feisty protagonist, and the author’s signature sarcastic dialogue, the book begs to be read by every woman who has ever considered revenge on a partner.

With a cast of characters that are impossible not to fall in love with, and a male love interest built like a super hero, And One Last Thing has everything you need for a terrific read that satisfies all a woman might dream of while executing the ultimate revenge—with a few life lessons tossed in the mix.

In her first work beyond her Nice Girls series, Harper has truly hit a home run with her first foray into fiction without fangs. This reader’s last word would have to be: Bravo!