All Kinds Of Kisses

Image of All Kinds Of Kisses
Release Date: 
December 1, 2010
Cartwheel Books
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A ten-spread (20 page) board book with a nice puffy cover, All Kinds of Kisses explores, well, all kinds of kisses.

From butterfly kisses, which are “soft, gentle things. / Flutter your lashes / Like butterfly wings,” to Eskimo kisses which “come down from the north. Place nose to nose / and move back and forth” all the most delicious and unusual kisses are represented here in a way that children can emulate.

Ms. Dowdy’s ink and watercolor illustrations are sweet and expressive, the palette muted and soft.

Starring a little boy, who loves and learns about kisses from all his animal friends, All Kinds of Kisses is a welcome change from all the girl-dominated love offerings out there for Valentine’s Day.

And the lilting, rhyming text makes it a fun read for parents and caregivers of the youngest children ages 0–3. Enjoy!