Adam & Yves

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January 23, 2013
Firefall Editions
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It is a rare instance when an artist is more than just engaged with his or her subject. Lautrec had his Folies and its stars. Renoir had his ballet. But before you think Gladys Perint Palmer is being compared to these impressionists, it is only on the basis of subject matter and the level of engagement.

The masters were merely fascinated with their subjects; Ms. Palmer is entwined and enmeshed.

With the arrival of Adam & Yves in hardcover comes recognition of this one artist who is thoroughly engaged and immersed in her subject matter on every level possible.

Though Ms. Palmer is now considered primarily an illustrator, she has been an international journalist, an artist at Vogue and Bazaar, a student on both sides of the Atlantic at two of the finest fashion schools in the world, an exhibited artist, a fashion force in her own right, and an educator.

Overall, it always was and still is all about fashion.

Ms. Palmer affords the reader not only her extensive knowledge of fashion but also her wit—something very few artists of any medium expose to the viewer. Hopefully the reader will understand the great wit coupled with this exquisite body of work that defines an industry based on clothes and not personality.

Her enthusiasm for the subject matter is as palpable as is the enjoyment she reaps from being part of an industry that is so obviously ingrained in her.

Adam & Yves is for artists of every kind, the fashion flock—seasoned or uninitiated, and those who appreciate beauty. The book provides a clear example of what can be reaped when one loves what one does, an energy certainly shining through the pages. It is Ms. Palmer’s lifelong commitment and enjoyment that oozes from this book.

Read it, own it, cherish it, and give it to those who are immersed in all facets of fashion. You will be thanked profusely.