$9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems

Image of $9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems (2020)
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February 11, 2020
Morrow Gift
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$9 Therapy is a delightful book, sure to bring a smile to those who read it.”

Stressed out and stuck at home in a Covid-19 lockdown? $9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems might very well provide the emotional support solutions you need to relieve the boredom of quarantine.

This Morrow Gift Book targets those under the age of 30 who are looking for tips on how to live better on a budget. It covers topics as varied as staying hydrated, getting laid, and a simple recipe for banana pancakes. The theme is living well and doing so without breaking the bank.

While the book is comedic, there is practical information in its pages. Are you on a budget, but want to make your home look chicer? Make some “no sew” curtains with fabric and a glue gun. Bored? Designate time to clean your makeup brushes. Want to bring a little exuberance to a party or your seemingly interminable quarantine? Use fun-shaped ice cube trays to make popsicles or try out a recipe for delicious, flavored popcorn.

On a genuine self-help level, $9 Therapy contains solid information on how to get your home, body, and mental health in better condition.

For the home, the authors provide cleaning tips, such as how to use white vinegar to clean just about anything. There are directions on how to use essential oils that are available at the grocery store to make your rooms smell delightful. You’ll even learn how to make bookshelves that won’t look like a Pinterest disaster.

Our bodies also need care, stay-at-home orders or not. The book covers the powerful impact of topically applied vitamins, when and how to give yourself acupressure, and a luxurious at-home foot peel.

Unsurprisingly, for the spirit the authors suggest meditation. This could be an all-in situation for the reader, who may build a meditation nook and deck it out with candles, crystals, and fresh flowers. For those with a little less “hippie-dippieness,” a cushion with a blanket will suffice. If you experience catastrophic thinking that intrudes on your meditation, there are exercise to help, though none of this takes the place of psychotherapy for those who need it.

If you are dreaming about travel (and really, aren’t most of us dreaming about travel?), the book includes a packing list of essentials, travel tips to get the experience you want, and resources for traveling solo.

Throughout the book, the reader will be delighted by whimsical full-color illustrations. They add to the jollity of the text and are almost guaranteed to make you smile.

One might be tempted to fault the authors for being too tongue-in-cheek about genuine social concerns and personal obstacles. Please do not make that mistake. Though light-hearted, the authors are authentically interested in helping young people live more fully. Their suggestions on how to create luxury without spending much money are thoughtful and well-intentioned. The authors also regularly remind readers that their tips are not substitutes for professional mental healthcare.

If you are on stay-at-home orders, go to your computer right now and order a copy of $9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems. Better yet, get a copy for yourself and send one to a friend. Today is the time to take care of ourselves and make small improvements to our homes and lives that will bring us genuine happiness.

$9 Therapy is a delightful book, sure to bring a smile to those who read it.