Request a Review

To request a review of an upcoming book, please email: ReviewRequests@nyjournalofbooks.comSelf-published books or vanity titles are never at this time considered. Nor do we respond to requests for review of books already published. Anyone who ignores these guidelines will have their emails marked for deletion. Please include descriptive information (title, author, genre(s), ISBNs, publisher, expected release date—if available) about the book or books for which reviews are requested and information on availability of manuscripts, galleys, or finished books. We ask that reviewer copies in some form be delivered to our reviewers at least four weeks ahead of publication. It is useful to know whether you are able to send books electronically and, if so, in what format. Please do not request reviews for books already released. We do not currently review self-published books. Due to the volume of requests we are not able to respond to all emails. Please include contact information, including an email address and phone number. Also please indicate whether you ship review copies to reviewers located outside North America. We appreciate all submissions. Thank you for your interest in NYJB.