Landon Nordeman: Out of Fashion

Image of Landon Nordeman: Out of Fashion
Release Date: 
September 26, 2016
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Do not be fooled by the diminutive size of this book as it packs a wallop as big as any glorious coffee table tome. In fact, the reader will be disappointed that there isn’t much more to see and even more to know.

Part of what makes this book so special is that it  is not the run of the mill fashion photography book that readers have become accustomed to; yes, of course there is the small size, but the most intriguing and outstanding quality is that Nordeman examines the minutiae of fashion. The photos are about the more unusual sights one might see on the runway, in the audience, back stage, or even on the streets during those times referred to as fashion weeks all over the world.

Each of the photos captures that split second when Nordeman has found something that piques his discerning eye and then . . . CLICK! Being a bit more specific here, that moment or image might be a head of hair, a make-up artist, the back of someone’s head, an animated moment of conversation a deux, or any number of other quirky split second moments that can be seen in the world of fashion that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by many.

As far who will most appreciate this little wonder, this a book for the more fashion savvy rather than the casual follower of fashion as the former will recognize the personalities and moments despite the lack of text. This is a book that is all about the visual.