Tad Crawford

Tad Crawford’s stories and articles have appeared in such venues as Art in America, The Café Irreal, Confrontation, Communication Arts, Family Circle, Glamour, Guernica, The Nation,and Writer's Digest. He is the author of the novel A Floating Life as well as The Secret Life of Money and a dozen other nonfiction books, chiefly on the business lives of artists and writers, and has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts award.

A graduate of Columbia Law School who represented many artists and arts organizations when he practiced as an attorney, Mr. Crawford is the founder and publisher of Allworth Press. He grew up in the artists’ colony of Woodstock, New York, and now lives in New York City.

Book Reviews by Tad Crawford

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On September 13, 1971, my Buffalo National Guard unit entered Attica State Prison where the prisoners had rioted and seized hostages.

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“There is still something I have not said: but what it is I don’t know, and maybe I have to say it by not saying.”

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“if Out Shooting Horses is a star, I Refuse aspires to be a supernova.”

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“. . . [a] kinetic memoir . . .”

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“. . . a masterful novel of levels and depths, beautifully written and stunningly realized.”