Sheila Moeschen

Dr. Sheila Moeschen holds an Interdisciplinary PhD
in Gender and Theater Studies from Northwestern University. She has taught at
the college level for Bentley University where she also held an appointment as
Assistant Director of the Bentley University Women’s Leadership Institute.
There she was awarded the 2008 “Woman of the Year” by the Black United Body for
her work on gender issues at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Most recently Dr. Moeschen developed and directed
a pilot program called HerSelf First, a nonprofit initiative supported by the
health organization Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. HerSelf First provides
new tools and resources to help caregivers practice self-focus and strengthen

Dr. Moeschen’s scholarly work has appeared in
journals such as Disability Studies Quarterly, Text and Performance Quarterly,
and Comparative Drama, as well as on the web. Her book Acts of Conspicuous Compassion:
Performance Culture and the American Charity Industry
is forthcoming from the
University of Michigan Press.

She resides in Boston.

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