Gini Grossenbacher

Sacramento native Gini Grossenbacher enjoyed almost three decades as a successful high school English teacher until she abandoned grades, choosing to write upmarket historical novels instead. Now she leads small writing classes and critique groups where she loves coaching other writers. She delights in researching the history behind her novels and traveling to the sites where her novels unfold.

Madam of My Heart is Gini’s debut novel, the first in the American Madams series inspired by famous “soiled doves” of the 19th century. Her book garnered three awards: the 2018 Silver Medal for historical fiction at the Independent Publisher Awards, the 2018 Honorable Mention for historical fiction at the San Francisco Book Festival, and the 2017 Hollywood Book Festival runner-up award for genre fiction. She is currently at work on her second volume in the historical fiction series, entitled Madam in Silk, coming in January 2019.

She has a BA in English  from Lewis and Clark College, a teaching credential from CSU Sacramento, a Master’s in Education from LaVerne University, a Bilingual Cross-Cultural Credential from University of San Diego, and post-graduate coursework in copyediting from UC San Diego.

Book Reviews by Gini Grossenbacher

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Jennifer Ryan’s latest novel opens in Ashcome Village, England, in March 1941. A disgruntled Mrs. Brathwaite wonders how a person measures the success of their life.

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“this novel reflects Sandra Byrd’s excellent historical research and meticulous use of period detail.”  

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“Daughters of the Lake provides an immersive reading experience to those who love ghostly mysteries, time travel, and lovely descriptions.”