Edith G. Tolchin

Edith G. Tolchin, proud mother of Dori G. Lewandowski and Dr. Max Freeman, is married to Ken Robinson. They currently live in New Jersey.

She has written nonfiction material for many years, including a business-lifestyle column for an upstate New York newspaper, Orange Magazine, Hudson Valley Life, WebMD, Bottom Line Personal, and Entrepreneur, and she’s been a columnist for Inventors Digest since 2000.

She’s the author and editor of Secrets of Successful Inventing: From Concept to Commerce, as well as co-author (with Don Debelak and Eric Debelak) of Sourcing Smarts: Keeping it Simple and SAFE with China Sourcing and Manufacturing.

As the owner of EGT Global Trading since 1997, she works with inventors to bring their dreams to life. In her spare time, Ms. Tolchin is a literacy volunteer tutor for the Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County in New Jersey.

Her latest work, Fanny on Fire, has been nominated a finalist in the Foreword Review’s Indies Book Awards for fiction, humor. Stay tuned for the further hilarious adventures of Fanny Goldman, her hubby, spicy Solly Rabinowitz, and the colorful outliers who enrich their lives and, hopefully, yours!

Ms. Tolchin loves to hear from you. Contact her at her website. L’chaim!

Book Reviews by Edith G. Tolchin

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