Håkan Nesser

Håkan Nesser was awarded the 1993 Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy Prize for new authors for Mind’s Eye; he received the best novel award in 1994 for Borkmann’s Point and in 1996 for Woman with Birthmark. In1999, he was awarded the Crime Writers of Scandinavia’s Glass Key Award for the best criminal novel of the year for Carambole. Mr. Nesser lives in Sweden and New York.

Books Authored

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“The Summer of Kim Novak brings back to life that adolescent quandary of feeling like you know more than the adults around you, but being desperately afraid that y

“Håkan Nesser is a fine writer; however, in the final analysis, Münster’s Case is just not one of his better efforts.”

“. . . a nice book to read at a summer cottage by a lake, the sun shining, a couple of bottles of beer in the cooler. . . .