The World of Federico Forquet: Italian Fashion, Interiors, Gardens

Image of The World of Federico Forquet: Italian Fashion, Interiors, Gardens
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September 15, 2020
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There was a time (1960–1970) in the fashion cycle when the likes of Capucci, Fabiani, Sorelle Fontana, Simonetta, Galitzine, and Forquet were leaders in Italy’s answer to France’s haute couture; that was the golden time of Alta Moda. The question is whether or not the prospective reader is familiar with these  designers’ names let alone their oeuvre or even know that Alta Moda existed; so the real question is  do you want to know about that timespan or  do you  just  want to know the marquee names that have outlived that era?

The dyed in the wool fashionphile knows that the world of fashion has a  very short memory, and sadly today’s designers seize upon that assumption and feel free to copy /borrow/reference designs from this incredibly creative period of design and call them their own, always relying on the assumption that no one is the wiser of their provenance. Forquet is a prime candidate/victim as his career spanned just about a decade but left an indelible and incomparable impression within this rarefied and bygone time.

Bowles has flung open the doors by authoring The World of Federico Forquet, which is nothing short of eye opening for even the most jaded of fashion readers. Forquet’s designs and oeuvre are what fashion fairy tales are built upon. He is one of the most brilliant, prolific, and creative designers who is rarely mentioned or even alluded to, regardless of his more than significant contributions to the world of international fashion.

Forquet was a virtuoso of design, taste, and refinement who understood the importance of forging relationships with his clients. Many of them became lifelong friends who put one or all of his talents to use. He studied at the hand of Balenciaga, who was also his mentor, and it was he who pushed Forquet to spread his wings and become a sensation.

There are not enough laudatory superlatives to shower on The World of Federico Forquet, as what you are exposed to within this monograph is breathtaking on so many levels. This book is primarily about his decade-long fashion career, but it also touches on his other passions: gardens and interiors. While not all of us may be fascinated by greenery, it would be exceedingly difficult not to be stunned by the interiors this man brought to life.

If you consider yourself a dedicated fashionphile and are not familiar with this man’s oeuvre then it’s time to take a refresher course and learn about what brilliance can be in the world of fashion. Buy this treasure, one of the great fashion books of this genre!