The Traveller, the Tiger, and the Very Clever Jackal

Image of The Traveller, the Tiger, and the Very Clever Jackal
Release Date: 
October 16, 2010
Hathi Chiti Books for Kids
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An old man goes searching for adventure and finds more than he bargained for in a classic Indian tale for readers both young and old.

As old Raaheeji leaves his comfortable home for the jungle beyond he happens upon a tiger. The tiger, imprisoned in an ancient cage, begs to be released and promises he will not eat the man in return for his help. However upon release the tiger immediately revokes his promise calling the man a fool for believing him.

The man’s fate in the end will lie in the hands of a banyan tree, a buffalo, a road and a very clever jackal. Will the man ever return to his home or will he forever be known as a fool?

The Traveller, The Tiger and the Very Clever Jackal is a beautifully written and elegantly illustrated work that brings the beauty of India and the art of the folk tale to life. Combining the best of a well-written traditional story with gorgeous illustrations, Reshma Sapre and Jessica Lian create a picture book that is perfect for reading alone or out loud to children of a wide variety of ages.

The elegant artwork shines as brightly as the writing as Lian brings characters such as the banyan tree to life with subtle detail and well-designed personification. The book shines as a must-have international contribution to any library whether personal or public.