Tails of Spring Break

Image of Tails of Spring Break
Release Date: 
December 31, 2004
Albert Whitman & Company
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Nine-year-old Katie Jordan is distressed. It seems everyone in her fourth grade class is going somewhere during spring break. Even the despicable Claire Plummer, Katie’s neighbor, is singing patriotic songs, rubbing it in that she and her dad are traveling to Washington, DC, while Katie is staying home.

Katie doesn’t like Claire, but her father wants them to be friends. He makes them walk to and from school together, saying they are safer in pairs. He feels they have something in common, mainly the fact they both are being raised by their dads. Claire’s mom died when she was young, and Katie’s parents divorced several years ago so her mom could become a famous country and western singer.

But Claire annoys Katie because everything about her has to be perfect—and that’s just not the way things are.

Katie’s best friend is Sierra Dymond, and she and her family are going to Hawaii for vacation. Sierra informs Katie that her mom is hesitant to leave their feline, China Cat, in the kennel, so Katie immediately offers to take her for the week. At least cat sitting will give her something to do and make the time pass quicker, plus it’s more fun than hanging out with her little brother, Tyler, and her dad.

Sierra and her parents drop off China Cat on their way to the airport, and Katie learns she will be paid for her services. Excited, she decides to post flyers around offering pet sitting for her neighbors.

Then the unexpected happens when Claire’s grandfather takes sick, and their trip to DC is canceled. Mr. Plummer needs to go to Chicago to be with his father, which means Claire is the Jordan’s guest for a week. What’s worse, she is staying in Katie’s room with her!

When things go awry, as they always do, will Katie be able to handle the duties thrust upon her?

The young reader is sure to relate to everyday happenings while learning lessons in responsibility, friendship, and tolerance in Tails of Spring Break, the second book in Ms. Warren Smith’s series.