The Perfect Imperfection of Golden Goose

Image of The Perfect Imperfection of Golden Goose
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March 30, 2021
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Most savvy and informed fashion readers will be ecstatic with the content of The Perfect Imperfection of Golden Goose. The book defies almost any other in the genre as it is an intimate and emotional journey of a business, its DNA, and what is behind the brand’s name.

“Simply making something new would be ordinary. We live in an age of newness. The real challenge is to create a garment that becomes iconic. Something that doesn’t lose its ability to stay relevant year after year.”

This is not a book where you will find page after page of collections. What you do discover is the Golden Family enterprise, consisting of the founders and workers of the Golden Family. 

Whether you are a follower of fashion, a devoted fashion reader, a child, a mother, a father, a grandfather, or just about any human being, there is one ubiquitous item in your closet: sneakers. Sneakers used to be something you owned because you had to wear them for gym class or a sport. Now that lowly footwear category has become one of the most essential and sometimes most coveted fashion necessities of the past 20 years. We went from Keds for kids to Golden Goose. This is where the brand made their mark.

“We don’t correct imperfections, we emphasize them. Because that’s what makes us golden.” This statement is most vividly explained and shown in the making of a sneaker with duct tape wrapped around it, scuffed and scratched, worn down in the same way that skateboard kids have worn theirs except these are created outside of Venice, Italy, as new.

This is a must read for any fashionphile or aficionado.