Moonbeam Dreams

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June 5, 2009
Eloquent Books
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Eloquent Books, June 2009

A Picture Book That Encourages Children to Believe In Themselves

Moonbeam Dreams is a keenly rhymed, fantastical romp through a fantasy land where anything can happen. This fantasy land can only be found in our dreams. Ms. Browning does a wonderful job telling a story that goes beyond the everyday. In our dreams, we learn, children can accomplish things that they wouldn’t be able to do normally, become anything they desire without restriction. From a flying fairy or a princess, to becoming friends with the animals, even conversing with them and visiting their world on great adventures. Children learn they can even be a hero and save the world, or just simply make a difference.

The rhyming story begins with characters talking to the reader about the places they could visit while they are asleep, and what they will see. Some descriptors are odd and unique, but the story runs smoothly, enticing the reader to want to learn more about what they will see and to explore more about the people or animals they will encounter. This fantasy world reminds this reviewer of Alice in Wonderland.  In that story, the objects and places are so odd and weird and yet make one wonder how it will end as well as creating a curiosity about actually being a part of that fantastical world. Ms. Browning accomplishes that same goal. Her book is truly different, and yet has a great moral to it. Though Moonbeam Dreams is more of a bedtime story for young children, it also encourages children to believe in themselves and their abilities. When people believe in themselves, anything can happen—no dream, real or fantastical, is ever impossible.

Young children will also love the brightly colored drawings that illuminate the pages. The rhyming verse will make them smile with delight. The weird and yet wonderful characters, for the youngest of children, will make for great conversation. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

Renee Hand is the award-winning author of The Crypto-Capers Series.