Gus, the Dinosaur Bus

Image of Gus, the Dinosaur Bus
Release Date: 
July 9, 2013
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
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“It is wonderful to help others in need.”

Gus, the Dinosaur Bus is cute story about a dinosaur that takes children to school as if he is a bus.

But doing this job can cause the city where he lives a lot of problems. They have to create their own road for him to walk on so he doesn’t step on cars, but he still holds up traffic. He gets tangled in power lines and takes down traffic lights.

There are many things he does to help the children he cares for at the school, such as reaching high places to make a helpful umbrella. But one day the school has had enough paying for all the damages that Gus creates, so Gus sadly hides in the gym worried that he might lose his job as a dinosaur bus.

Can the school find a way to keep Gus without causing more damage?

Children ages 4–8 will enjoy reading this 32-page story about a green supersaurus who tries to help others. Though the illustrations are not really appealing to the eye and lack depth, they still do a wonderful job relaying to the reader the message of the story: It is wonderful to help others in need.