The Fine Art of Fashion Illustration

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September 25, 2015
Frances Lincoln
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In today’s sphere of fashion there are very few fashionphiles who would be at a loss or unable to understand the mechanics of contemporary fashion illustration whether actual illustration or photography. The Fine Art of fashion Illustration sheds light on just what a complex procedure and process it once was way back when there was no choice since there was no such thing as a camera or a full on fashion media.

Without question, Mr. Robinson and Ms. Calvey offer an exhaustive and almost encyclopedic accounting of the history of fashion illustration which spans 400 years as well as how these illustrations were disseminated and created.

If there is a negative here, it is that the actual processes by which these illustrations were created such as lithography, etching, aquatint, hand coloring, and more should have been explained more thoroughly. A glossary explaining the processes would have been more in keeping given the huge amounts of information that have been put forth.

There is no doubt that what can be and should be gleaned from this expansive book is that at one time being a fashion illustrator was an art form that necessitated talents than can only be likened to some of the greatest printmakers. The skill and attention to detail are more than made apparent when just examining these illustrations, but it is the text that truly enlightens the reader. This can be one of those books that one just browses but when read, this is a book that educates the reader and sheds light on a true art form that can also be classified as a subgenre of art history.