Fashion Quotes: Stylish Wit and Catwalk Wisdom

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October 11, 2016
Thames & Hudson
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What stands out above all else is that the authors of Fashion Quotes: Stylish Wit and Catwalk Wisdom have skillfully and seamlessly set their book apart from all others that focus on this topsy turvy world of fashion and its inhabitants. By broadening the scope of the “contributors” the reader is afforded a much greater perspective about fashion in its many incarnations via the quotes proffered.

There are, of course, the usual suspects including Chanel, Vreeland, YSL, Lagerfeld, Balenciaga, and others of great note. Then there are those who are rarely, if ever, are quoted who include Valli, Imelda (of shoe fame), Sinatra, the Burtons, Ralph Rucci, Yohji, Iris Apfel, and Ungaro to name a few. Lastly we get the widest perspective by including the likes of Wilde, Stendhal, Dickens, Shaw, Baudelaire, and Balzac. Remaining are many more whose comments on fashion and style come from outside the general population of those commonly associated with fashion.

What the reader can glean is that fashion has been a topic addressed in so many other cultural aspects of our lives through the ages. By including all of these personalities and even names that might be totally unfamiliar is what makes Fashion Quotes is a must for even the most jaded of fashion readers. If there is fault to be found in this inclusiveness, it would be names such as Kanye, Lady Gaga, and Pharrell as part of the mix since one can hardly consider them anything other than musicians or entertainers and certainly not great thinkers, style authorities, or fashion philosophers.

All in all this is an easy and entertaining read that should leave the reader with some food for thought when it comes to matters of fashion and style.