Dior by Christian Dior

Image of Dior by Christian Dior - Assouline Coffee Table Book
Release Date: 
February 20, 2017
Assouline Publishing
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"The reader is transported to an exquisitely curated view of the Dior archive . . ."

If by chance you were thinking that there cannot be anything more that anyone can write or ascribe to Christian Dior and his eponymous brand, well, then you would be dead wrong. Dior by Christian Dior is one of the most gloriously rendered volumes on the subject.

Saillard, who is an amazingly skilled and well-spoken historian and author, offers us just enough text to remind the reader of the history and the man and the genesis of the brand, but what happens outside the text is simply beyond one’s wildest expectations. The reader is transported to an exquisitely curated view of the Dior archive that will surely be a revelation to most. This reader came away with a new set of opinions and perspectives.

What cannot be stressed enough is that this mega monograph measures up to its monumental weight in every way. There aren’t many books that tip the scale at over 12 pounds but every ounce of this volume is pure joy. One might go so far as to say that this is the quintessential Dior book. Words are inadequate to fully convey what is contained between the covers.

Anyone who considers him/herself a dedicated fashion reader needs to find a way to own this epic love letter to one of the greatest designers of the 20th century. Not only can this book be appreciated with its laser focus on Dior but it might also be used as a barometer, a measuring stick of sorts, and inspiration by which an entire population of fashion designers from the past to the present can be assessed.

This is a treasure on so many levels. If there is one peccadillo, it would be that due to its incredible size and weight, the reader must strategically figure the optimal position in which to read it. Think of it this way: We all suffer for fashion!