Come, Thief: Poems

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August 22, 2011
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Come, Thief is a pleasantly unusual book of poetry that is both refreshing and insightful. Jane Hirshfield expertly crafts the simplest situations into gorgeous works of art, weaving a web of intricate words and phrases that come together with ease.

The author uses many writing techniques, such as personification and alliteration, and configures each poem individually, lending to the words a feeling of closeness the reader will get as the book progresses.

Mentioning grief and loss, contentment and calmness, Jane Hirshfield has struck the perfect cord between happiness and life’s reality. At first, Come, Thief honestly seemed a little wacky, to say the least; but after being immersed in the author’s writing for a while, the reader will come to see that her poetry isn’t kooky, it is rather unique with each piece blending together into a complete whole. In order to fully appreciate Jane Hirshfield’s poetry, one must focus on how her book is genuinely balanced; both restraint and wildness run rampant across the pages, while hidden love and hate lurk between the lines.

There is a certain mood of sereneness during catastrophe in Come, Thief, and Ms. Hirshfield’s unclouded viewpoint of taking loss in stride comes across clear as a bell throughout the book. Also, the author has a talent for taking plain circumstances and explaining them in a way that seems revelatory.

One must notice the way Jane Hirshfield digs deep inside herself with every poem, causing the reader to reflect deeply on Come, Thief. Filled with personal experiences that appear to fuel her passionate writing, Ms. Hirshfield writes in a way that inspires new beginnings, while also looking somberly upon the past in a way that is, ultimately, comforting.