Anna Hu: Symphony of Jewels: Opus 2

Image of Anna Hu: Symphony of Jewels: Opus 2
Release Date: 
November 27, 2018
Vendome Press
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If your taste in fine jewelry leans more on the traditional, meaning pieces with only “important” stones, of the Harry Winston variety, then Anna Hu: Symphony of Jewels may not be to your liking; but if you prefer a newer generation and breed of haute joalliers such as Wallace Chan, Lydia Courteille, Otto Jakob, and James Taffin de Givenchy then this is a must have book for you!

Anna Hu is one of this new breed of haute joallier designers who has risen to fame by creating over the top and out of this world pieces rather than creating just parures and diadems using mega gemstones. Her jewels are “objectified,” which means much of what it is created/inspired from what we might see in nature , the animal kingdom, or everyday life. Think about the ballerinas of Van Cleef or the fish of Schlumberger or the flowers of JAR but instead of these items being rarities consider them to be more classifications chez Anna Hu.

She says, “My jewels are eternal, connecting past present and future.”  

This impossibly glorious book is chock a block with exquisite images all assembled in an almost perfect execution that allows the reader to truly see these breathtaking creations. If there is anything negative to be found it would be that one sort of loses the sense the scale of these pieces even though you know these jewels are not for the faint of heart or for the wall flower low key types given the size.

The text is illuminating as well as informative and kept to a minimum. The quality and presentation cannot possibly be more exquisite unless compared to the many books of this genre dealing with mostly heritage brands rather than the up and coming stars of the future.

The first decade of Anna’s designing journey reminds one of a celebration of youthful fearlessness and the thrill of creative freedom—bold and confident but cleverly edited designs juxtaposing exquisite gemstones of fervent colors. An opulence bursting with energy and joy. A fierce passion to present her very own “East meets West,” writes François Curiel

As aside from the expected text it is interesting to know that Anna Hu was an accomplished cellist before she decided to conquer the world of haute joallier. As suggested in the book stones are in her blood, and she returned to her roots by becoming a master jeweler. After all, what six year old awakens having dreamed of flawless diamonds?