Airhead Book 3: Runaway

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April 1, 2011
Point Books
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Emerson Watts is pretty much your average teen girl. She goes to an alternative high school in New York City where she gets somewhat decent grades and is popular among her peers. In the love department Em is nursing a major crush and/or possible relationship, and like many teenage relationships go she is often not sure which is the case. Except there is one thing that makes her quite exceptional: She happens to have had her brain transplanted into the most popular supermodel in the world: Nikki Howard. Em now finds herself drop dead gorgeous and stalked by one of the top corporations on the planet to which she seems to be permanently connected. Oh, and by the way, the real Nikki Howard wants her body back.

In Runaway, the third book in the popular Airhead series, Meg Cabot has pumped up the volume as Stark Enterprises has become even more evil than anyone once believed possible. Not content with ruling the world through commercial means, Stark Enterprises has more sinister plans that go far beyond the stalking of Em and trying to murder Nikki for her attempted blackmail. Now they seem to be targeting anyone who buys their new product line of cheap laptops. The only question is why?

While trying to keep the real Nikki happy and her family in hiding, Em must find a way to stop Stark while still keeping those she loves safe from the company’s founder, the nefarious Robert Stark. Also there is her pretend relationship with Robert’s somewhat repulsive son Brandon, which she keeps up for appearance’s sake. Meanwhile the real object of her dreams is none other than her darkly handsome, former best friend, Christopher. Once her closest confidant, he now spends his time either rescuing or rejecting her. But can even Christopher help her this time?

What’s a girl to do when she needs to save the world, catch the boy of her dreams, and model a million-dollar bra in the Stark Angels New Year’s Eve Fashion Show—all at the same time? Cabot’s Runaway answers all the burning questions readers may have about the Airhead series and includes a plot twist you’ll never guess. The end is in sight; the only question is will Em or Nikki still be alive to see it?

A great book full of hilarious pop culture references for laugh-out-loud reading, Runaway and the entire Airhead series is perfect for the reluctant young adult reader or anyone in search of a fun read. Meg Cabot once again has hit on her hands.