Donna J. Kerrigan

Donna J. Kerrigan is a science educator, writer, editor and communications manager at the Center for Cancer Research, part of the National Cancer Institute. She earned her B.S. at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois and her M.S. degree in biochemistry at the University of Illinois.

Ms. Kerrigan’s research work at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in molecular pharmacology contributed to 35 scientific journal articles, primarily on topoisomerase inhibitors. She also served as the Institute’s Senior Editor and Clearance Officer and produced dozens of booklets and brochures on cancer, including CCR connections, a print magazine and Webzine to showcase the research accomplishments at NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR) and a website that summarizes many of CCR’s important papers.

Ms. Kerrigan also created the Understanding Cancer series , a collection of graphic-rich, web-based educational tutorials that demystify cancer and its related topics. The site is used as a resource by health professionals, the media, and life science teachers.

Ms. Kerrigan writes on all areas of the CCR mission and serves on several trans-NIH educational committees.

Book Reviews by Donna J. Kerrigan

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“Funny, informative, and irreverent, Me, My Cells, and I is perfect bedtime reading for a recently diagnosed prostate cancer patient—no matter what stage of disease is involved.”

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“Nicholas James has managed the impossible. In one short book he satisfies several different audiences well.

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“It might help teens newly diagnosed with cancer to hear the voices of young survivors . . .

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In Surviving After Cancer: Living the New Normal, Anne Katz provides ample evidence that cancer changes everything.