Jesús del Pozo

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May 26, 2015
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This book is so much more than just a chronicle of the life and times of Jesús del Pozo; this is a love letter as well as a series of remembrances from those whom the designer called friends, colleagues, collaborators, and employees.

Part of what makes you fall in love with the book is that the first segment, which  is a “spoken/written conversation” between longtime friends (one that happens to be deceased) immediately draws you in as if you were a third party present for this conversation. The intimacy of the moment is magnetic, sentimental, and revealing.

“Your creations looked classic until one noticed the infinite details, asymmetries and special cuts that appear in all of them. . . . There was no sense of artifice in your models, they seemed totally natural, although I knew everyone was looking whenever I entered a room wearing one of your creations . . .”

This is a book that requires reading and probably rereading as there is so much to be learned about the designer, his brand, his philosophies, and his humanity. The brand has been relaunched on the international stage, and anyone who considers themselves a true fashionphile should be intrigued with the possibility of knowing more about the man and the brand. The more seasoned among us will see shades of Capucci, the Japanese school of designers, and fellow Spanish fashion designer Sybilla.

If there is anything lacking in this exquisite book, it is that you wish there were more photos of his finished pieces rather than the designer’s original sketches. Unquestionably, the photographs are far more explanatory, demonstrating the designer’s abilities and philosophies. What is also so impressive here is that the book’s packaging/presentation reinforces its value as a part of an extensive fashion library.

If you hunger for fresh knowledge of a little known or written about designer, then this is the book for you. The brand has been relaunched very recently to great acclaim, but there has been little ink devoted to its namesake. This is your opportunity. This is fashion history in its richest form.